Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Referral: The Economics Of Citizen Preparedness



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One of the best things about being a blogger in the Preparedness/Flublogia arena is the company I get to keep. 


Terrific and insightful writers like Scott McPherson, Crawford Kilian, Indigo Girl, Jimmy Jazz at Break Glass, Maryn McKenna, Ian York, John Solomon and others make every day a veritable treat for this humble blogger.


Perhaps the nicest part is that we feel free to work off each others posts, enlarging on (and often improving upon) each other’s thoughts and presentations. 


John, Scott, Indigo, or Crof will often write on a topic and that will spark an idea in me, that I will then write about in my blog.  And I’m happy to say, every once in awhile something I write serves as a muse for one of their blogs.


Which brings me to today’s post by John Solomon on his In Case of Emergency Blog that builds upon something I wrote about last week.


I’m not surprised that John – whose expertise in citizen preparedness far exceeds mine - adds considerable value to the topic.




The Economics Of Citizen Preparedness: Should Government Officials More Openly Acknowledge Its Readiness Messaging Is Financially, Socially Tiered?

September 14th, 2010 


Highly Recommended.

And if you aren’t already a regular visitor to John’s blog, you should be.

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