Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taiwan Halts Poultry Movement/Slaughter For 7 Days Due To H5N6


With Taiwan's poultry sector still reeling from 2015's H5Nx epizootic, which spread to more than 1,000 farms and saw the loss of more than 5 million birds, the discovery 10 days ago that the highly virulent HPAI H5N6 virus had arrived on the island understandably set off alarm bells.
Since then we've seen a steady progression of reports (see here, here, and here) of additional outbreaks at both local farms and slaughter houses.
With at least six farms now confirmed infected with H5N6, Taiwan's COA (Council of Agriculture) has announced a plan to halt transport of poultry, and poultry products (with some exceptions - see below) for 7 days in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. 

Over the past three months both South Korea and Japan have also been hit by this HPAI virus.  In South Korea more than 300 farms have been affected, resulting in the loss of 33 million birds.  Japan, while less hard hit, has nonetheless seen 10 farms infected, and has detected the virus in hundreds of wild bird and environmental samples.

From February 17 nationwide ban on poultry slaughter embargo seven days white chickens, egg washing is not affected

Ref: 7595
Date: 106-02-16
Company: Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Avian influenza epidemic Central Response Center today (16) held a meeting, commander Lin Congxian announced that, after 106 years at 0:00 on February 17 until at 0:00 on February 24 ended, the national poultry ban mobile seven days; since 106 years at 12:00 on February 17 and ends at 12:00 on February 24 only, the country slaughtered poultry slaughterhouse off seven days.
Reared and sent directly to the slaughterhouse slaughter white chickens, and one day old chicks permitted. Poultry eggs after washing or if fumigation, accompanied by a veterinarian authorized by opening a certificate, can sell transport.
Relevant industry affected by the ban against slaughter, the government also proposed supporting measures and compensation for the loss of low-interest loans.

Avian flu is grim, recently diagnosed cases covered counties to expand the scope of the phenomenon, the Council of Agriculture yesterday invited a number of domestic experts and scholars held vaccination discussion, the experts recommended that the Government will take drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus, who is also the center of the outbreak of avian flu strain COA chairman Lin Congxian center commander, I'm in full support of the Executive Yuan Dean, the epidemic prevention conference held today, determine to adopt high strength and supporting prevention initiatives, from zero 106 years until the morning of February 17 0:02 morning of February 24 ended, the national poultry ban mobile seven days; since 106 years at 12:00 on February 17 and ends at 12:00 on February 24 only, the country slaughtered poultry slaughterhouse off seven days. Prevention and Quarantine Bureau explained that the bird flu virus H5N6 poultry infections are most incidence within a week, so in accordance with the experts suggested that a ban on movement and slaughter ban seven days to make prevention work of an effect.

COA Prevention and Quarantine Bureau emphasized that during the ban movement and slaughter ban, the precautionary measures ongoing bird flu cases occurred Rengyi disposal vaccination program; unban mobile and off post-mortem, shall be subject to inspection ducks bird flu negative, may only listed slaughter; sampling inspection can be carried out before lifting the ban. Hugh slaughterhouse after slaughter and pre-slaughter implement open thorough cleaning and disinfection. Eggs will also strengthen fumigation certificate of verification. After opening slaughter, will enhance the health certificate poultry and duck farms inspection report inspection.

During the off-slaughter industry could be affected for the Council of Agriculture also proposed supporting measures, including specifications and additional losses in feed costs caused by the poultry farmers, according to the provisions of compensation; slaughterhouses, transport will also need to consider which suffered loss of substance, will also give appropriate compensation. Calculated on the basis of compensation, the COA will be invited actuarial experts and industry representatives. Losses caused by related industries, can apply for low-interest loans to the government bailout.

In terms of market supply, the COA Animal Husbandry Department estimates that domestic production capacity with white broiler chicken has been shipping in volume will be imported, there are more than forty thousand metric tons of inventory to be adjusted, at least a three-day supply of domestic consumer demand . Chicken, the domestic industry there are one hundred thousand (approximately 200 tonnes) of frozen stock, can supply two-day market consumption. Duck stock of about five thousand, Roue no inventory, consumption of poultry meat turkey is not the mainstream, there are three thousand stocks, market consumption for three days.

Executive Yuan Lin Chuan president in today's Cabinet meeting, for bird flu prevention and control, special instructions inter-ministerial cooperation, strengthening ban Sizai. In this regard, the Council of Agriculture has completed the inter-ministerial coordination, National Police Agency and the anti-seizure county and city governments will jointly seizing Sizai effort, in addition to future illegal slaughtering place the tubes, we will also strengthen seizing trafficking place.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau reminded the Council of Agriculture, during the establishment of the Central Disaster Response Center avian influenza, were slaughtered or seized illegal trafficking and other cases, the maximum will be cut each fined NT $ 100,000 fines, seizure prevention bureau also called for the market to sell poultry a vendor, be sure to get qualified purchase slaughter proved not to purchase from unidentified sources, in order to avoid illegal punishment.

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