Friday, September 14, 2018

Super-Typhoon Mangkhut Nears Philippines, Takes Aim At Hong Kong & China Next

Credit Joint Typhoon Warning Center


Although Super-Typhoon Mangkhut - with winds currently gusting to over 200 MPH - is expected to weaken a bit after passing over the island of Luzon in the  Philippines, it is still expected to be the equivalent of a CAT 4 Hurricane when it approaches Hong Kong and Southern China in 3 days time. 
The Philippines, which appears likely to take the full brunt of the storm in the next few hours, fears a repeat of 2013's devastating Typhoon Haiyan, which claimed roughly 6,000 lives (see WHO Declares Grade 3 Emergency In The Philippines).
The Hong Kong Observatory issued the following statement in the past few hours:
As Super Typhoon Mangkhut has an extensive circulation and took a more northwestward track with higher speeds, the threat to the vicinity of the Pearl River Delta is increasing. The Observatory will consider issuing the Standby Signal, No. 1 tonight. Members of the public should complete all precautionary measures as soon as possible. (14-09-2018 18:45)
The Pearl River Delta is one of the most populous regions of China, with roughly 120,000,000 residents in Guangdong province.  It is widely considered to be the economic engine that drives a large portion of China's economy.

Guangdong province is also a major agricultural region, and extensive flooding from Mangkhut could prove devastating.   While Hong Kong may avoid a direct hit, Southern China appears to be the next stop on Mangkhut's Asian tour.

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