Monday, August 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia Reports Two Additional MERS-CoV Cases




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In their first announcement of new cases since August 1st (see MERS-CoV: KSA Announces 3 More Cases), the Saudi MOH reports this morning on two patients (ages 50 & 59) from the Riyadh region, both with histories of (unstated) chronic ailments, who are both in intensive care diagnosed with MERS.


Although no word has appeared on the English language KSA MERS website, its Arabic counterpart carries the following (very brief) report on these two new cases and an updated graphic (see above).



Registered cases of HIV infection (Corona) new Moatntin the Riyadh area

10/12/1434 (Aug. 19th, 2013)

A continuation of the follow-up and the work of Investigation epidemiological carried out by the Ministry of Health's disease virus Corona new strain of AIDS Middle East respiratory, the ministry announced for the registration of cases of HIV infection to Moatntin in the Riyadh region, the first at the age of 50 years and suffer chronic diseases and are currently receiving medical care in the intensive care unit, and the second at the age of 59 years and also suffer from multiple chronic diseases and continues to receive medical care in intensive care, Chwehma the God and Aavihama.



Absent in this report (as we’ve seen often from KSA’s MOH) are details such as onset dates, possible routes of exposure, contact tracing and testing, or any other epidemiological data of interest.