Monday, April 21, 2014

Saudi Minister Of Health Replaced


Former Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah


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Saudi Arabian Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah – who up until a couple of days ago was issuing daily assurances that the MERS virus situation was `stable’ – has apparently been transferred from his post, and will be replaced – at least in the interim – by the Saudi Minister of Labor Adel Faqi.


The embattled MOH has been dealing not only with an expanding number of MERS cases, but a rising tide of international and domestic criticism (via twitter & the media) over his handling of the coronavirus. 


We’ll have to see what effect this change in leadership will have on KSA’s strategies to control this virus, and their openness while doing so.


The following Royal Decree – which doesn’t give any reason for the change - was issued by the King of Saudi Arabia this evening (their time)


Jeddah 21 jomada Al-akhera 1435 Ah April 21, 2014 and

Today the Royal order was issued which read:-

In the name of God the merciful

REF.: 103

Date: 12/6/1435 e

With the help of God

We Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

The King of Saudi Arabia

After reading the article VII of the Statute of Royal Order No. a/90 of 27/8/1412.

And after reading the article VIII of Council of Ministers enacted by Royal Order No. a/13, dated 3/3/94.


First: relieved of his Excellency Dr. Abdullah rabeeah Health Minister from Office and appointed an adviser to the Royal Court Minister.

Secondly: it costs his Excellency engineer Adel bin Mohammed bin Abdul Kader faqeh Labour Minister to Minister of health in addition to his work.

III: hurry to competent authorities for approval and implementation.

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud