Friday, December 06, 2019

Indonesian Veterinary Medical Assoc. (PDHI) Urges Govt. To Declare ASF Epidemic


For the past couple of months we've been following reports of unusual pig mortality (`Babi Mati') in North Sumatra, carried by the Indonesian press (see Indonesia: Media Reports Of Unexplained Pig Deaths In Multiple Regions) - and while the suspicion of many observers has been that African Swine Fever  is the culprit - officially the government has not confirmed the cause.
For now, the government is calling this outbreak  `pig cholera' - which usually refers to Classical Swine Fever (CSF) - while insisting that additional tests are pending'.
This, despite our seeing Media Reports Of Positive ASF Test Results In North Sumatra in early November and almost daily reports of dead pigs dumped in rivers, lakes, and along roadsides (see YouTube Video).
Earlier this week we saw a comment from the FAO indicating they were ' . . . . liaising with the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services, Indonesia to confirm the cause and explore needs.'
As the death toll in pigs increases (reportedly now over 20,000 head), and fears that the epidemic will spread, Indonesia's Veterinary Medical Association (PDHI) is reportedly calling upon the government to declare an outbreak of ASF, citing `positive test results'.

PDHI Urges Government to Declare African Swine Fever Plague
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Reporter Ellyvon Pranita
Upload12/06/2019 - Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) urged the government to immediately declare that the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak has entered Indonesia.

Delivered by the Chairman of PDHI, Drh H Muhammad Munawaroh MM, the pressure was based on the case of pig deaths in a number of livestock businesses in North Sumatra.

Swine mortality rates continue to increase from August 2019 until early December 2019 and reach a total of 20,500 head. Then, based on laboratory results, it was stated that the death of the pigs was positively caused by ASF.
'For this reason, we from PDHI actually want to urge the government to declare that the ASF outbreak in pigs has entered Indonesia,' Munawaroh told, Friday (6/12/2019).
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We'll have to see whether this very public application of pressure on the Indonesian government yields any results.

Stay tuned.