Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Japan MOH: 2nd Locally Acquired Coronavirus Infection


Yesterday morning, in Japan MOH: 2 New Coronavirus Cases - One Without Travel To China, we saw Japan's first confirmed locally-acquired coronavirus case, involving a bus tour guide who had been riding with tourists from China.

Today, Japan's MOH is announcing a second domestically acquired case, once again detected in a tour guide who had contact with the same bus as yesterday's patient.

Around 19 o'clock today (January 29), the National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported cases of the current new coronavirus-related infectious disease.
The patient, who lives in Osaka Prefecture, was reported to have been in contact with a tourist from Wuhan City when he visited a medical care provider on January 23.
It was the eighth case that the outbreak of infection related to the new coronavirus was confirmed domestically.
We will certainly conduct an active epidemiological survey including understanding of rich contacts.
We will hold a press conference on this issue from 22:30. 
Overview(1) Age: 40
(2) Sex: Women
(3) Location: Osaka Prefecture
(4) Symptoms, Progress:
  • On January 20, he developed a fever and went to a medical institution in Tokyo, where he followed the doctor's advice.
  • On January 21, as fever persists, she went to another medical institution in Tokyo, where she went to see her patients, followed her up with a chest x ray.
  • On January 22, he went to a medical care provider in Osaka Prefecture, where he followed the doctor's advice.
  • On January 23, he consulted with a health center without any improvement in his condition and went to a medical institution in Osaka Prefecture. He had fever, respiratory symptoms, and CT images of the chest showing pneumonia and was hospitalized.
  • On January 29, his symptoms were only coughing and improved. I am in the hospital for follow-up.
(5) Action history:
  • From January 12 to 17, he took a tour bus from Wuhan, China (the same bus as the sixth in Japan) as a guide. From the evening of January 17 to January 22, he took a bus as a guide to another tour passenger from Henan Province, China. Even when he was at work from the time of medical treatment on January 20, he wore a mask.
* A total of 28 tests were conducted based on suspected disease surveillance by the current time (as of 20:00 on January 29). Eight of them are positive, and the other 20 are negative. (Excluding those who return to Japan by Charter Bus)