Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Iran MOH Reports Death Of 2 COVID-19 Cases



Earlier today, in Iran MOH: Two Preliminarily Positive COVID-19 Cases, we learned that two people in Qom had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.  In the past hour or so, it has been announced that both patients have died.

This from Iran's Ministry of Health Website. 
The head of the Ministry of Public Relations and Information Center announced:
Death of two patients with new coronavirus in Qom
Two patients with the new coronavirus died in Qom, said the head of the Ministry of Public Relations and Information Center.
According to Webda, Dr. Kianoush Jahanpour, in detail on the details of two compatriots infected with the new Coronavirus in Qom, posted on his Twitter account: Two cases were tested during a recent acute respiratory illness in Qom. Early coronavirus positive reports reported that unfortunately both patients died in ICU due to age and immune deficiency.
We've virtually no details on these cases, or any indications on whether others are suspected, but hopefully we'll learn more shortly.