Wednesday, February 19, 2020

COVID-19 : Dispatches From Iran


Earlier today we saw both the first announced COVID-19 cases (n=2) in Iran, followed a few hours later by a Ministry of Health statement on their deaths. 
While we don't have any solid information on any other cases, the BBC is reporting that 25 people in QOM are quarantined, and the IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) has set up a web page devoted to the breaking news: Corona in Iran; Latest News and Reports.
Among the recent (translated) stories published:

Speaker stresses urgent formation of Qom Security Council and Corona virus prevention measures
TEHRAN - IRNA - Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, on Wednesday evening by phone with the Minister of Health and Medical Education received the latest reports and information on two definitive cases of coronary heart disease in Qom, taking the necessary measures. Urgent preventive and health measures were emphasized in this regard.

During a separate phone call to the Minister of Education, Larijani also provided parents and students with the necessary recommendations to safeguard the school environment against the spread of the coronavirus and provide necessary information, according to the House of Nations website.
The Speaker of the Majlis, also in another phone call with Bahram Governor General Qom, emphasized the urgent need to convene a Security Council meeting and to take preventive measures as soon as possible, especially by securing public assemblies, schools and universities in Qom province for coronary heart disease. 
Schools and higher education centers are closed tomorrow (Thursday) to check the status of Corona in Qom.

Schools and universities in Qom are closed on Thursday
All schools, universities and higher education centers in Qom province will be closed to prevent further investigation of the situation in the province of Corona, the report said.

Meanwhile, following the announcement of the deaths of two people in Qom as a result of possible coronary heart disease and further tests to determine its validity, the head of the Qom University of Medical Sciences said that the outbreak of coronary heart disease in Qom was controlled and we urged people to remain concerned about health advice. Do not spread the disease.
In an interview with IRNA correspondent, Mohammad Reza Ghadir added: "Kamkar and Ferghani hospitals are ready for quarantine and those who are suspected of having coronary artery disease are being transferred to these centers.

He added that a ton of coronary artery disease has killed five people, adding that a group of officials from the Ministry of Health's Centers for Disease Control have been deployed in Qom to monitor and monitor the actions taken.
He noted: A few minutes ago a meeting was held with the heads of Qom hospitals and a report was presented on the health status and equipment of Qom medical centers.

** Enough mask available / Not everyone is required

Qadir continued: All health centers in Qom are ready and there is sufficient medical equipment available.
He advised citizens to observe personal hygiene and wash their hands.
"People should avoid attending meetings and otherwise wear masks," he said.+
The head of the Qom University of Medical Sciences emphasized: "People should know that they do not need a mask when they are not exposed to the disease, because the mask itself can cause infection."

Food and Drug Administration: Medical mask sent to Qom

Administration announced that there is no shortage of medical masks in Qom and other cities in the country and medical masks have been sent to the city.
Sayed Hossein Safavi in ​​an interview with IRNA reporter on Wednesday about cyber shortages in Qom province: There is no shortage of respiratory masks in Qom.
He added: Medical masks will be sent to Qom province tonight and tomorrow (Thursday).
Safavi said that the production of medical masks is enough and there is no shortage in this country.
According to IRNA, Kianoush Jahanpour, head of the Ministry of Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health today, reported two cases of coronavirus infection in Qom, saying: "Initial testing of samples sent from suspected new coronavirus was positive in two cases." Has been reported.
Health Minister Ali Reza Wahabzadeh also announced the deaths of two people due to coronation in Qom this evening (Wednesday). Both died of corona, and one of the two died in Qom was a chemical veteran.
According to statistics, 2,600 people have died of coronavirus worldwide.
The outbreak of the Corona virus began in late December last year in the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.