Saturday, February 22, 2020

IRNA: 10 New COVID-19 Cases In Iran (n=28)


According to State run media IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency), Iran has confirmed 10 more COVID-19 cases overnight  and another fatality - bringing that nation's total to 28 cases, 5 deaths - all confirmed over the past 4 days.  We've also seen at least two exported cases (to Canada and Lebanon) out of Iran.

While lacking in details, IRNA published a terse announcement, along with a somber 1 minute video montage of people having fever checks, wearing masks, etc. on their website.
Corona's latest situation in Iranian cities

Corona has arrived in Iran and the warnings must be taken seriously. The latest official figures show that 28 people have been infected and 5 have died.

According to a report carried by Pakistan's The News International:
One death, 10 new coronavirus cases reported in Iran
"We have 10 new confirmed cases of COVID-19," health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said on state television.

"One of the new cases has unfortunately passed away," he added, noting that eight of them had been hospitalised in Qom and two in Tehran, without specifying where the death occurred.
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Iran's Ministry of Health Website, meanwhile, appears to be in full information-control mode, heavily promoting the nation's readiness, and imploring the population to:

Keep track of Corona news only from the Ministry of Health

The head of the Ministry of Health's Centers for Disease Control insisted that people ignore the rumors of "coronavirus" and only follow the news from the Ministry of Health.
According to ISNA, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Goya said following the report of positive cases of coronavirus in the country and some rumors that followed, "I would like you to hear the correct information about this disease from our language (the relevant officials in the Ministry of Health).
"It is said that someone is suspected of having the disease, and a series of special tests are needed to confirm it is definitely a coronary disease," he said.
According to Webda, Dr. Goya emphasized that the disease is very similar to other diseases, especially influenza, and therefore cannot be declared "suspect" by the "infected", adding: "It has both international and national responsibility and if it reports wrongdoing. If we only worry about the people, there will be nothing else to do.