Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Kagoshima's 2nd HPAI Outbreak Identified as H5N8, South Korea Reports 4th Outbreak



In yesterday's report Japan: Kagoshima Prefecture Announces 2nd Outbreak Of Avian Influenza, we learned that the Kagoshima's Prefecture's 1st outbreak this fall (reported last Saturday here) was HPAI H5N1which differed from Japan's 1st outbreak reported last week from Akita prefecture (HPAI H5N8).

Somewhat unexpectedly - given its proximity to their first outbreak 3 days ago with H5N1 - the 2nd outbreak has been identified as HPAI H5N8.  

Confirmation of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N8 subtype (second case in the prefecture) [Press Release (13th report)]

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has announced that the virus detected in the pseudo-patients of highly pathogenic avian influenza (the second case in the prefecture) that occurred in Izumi City, this prefecture, was reported by the National Institute of Animal Health, National Institute of Animal Health. As a result of the examination, it was confirmed today that it is highly pathogenic and that it is H5N8 subtype, and it was determined that it is a patient with highly pathogenic avian influenza.

In South Korea, authorities have announced a 4th poultry outbreak (H5N1) in a duck farm in North Chungcheong Province. 

2021.11.16 13:45:00 Quarantine Policy Bureau

· The Central Disaster Management Headquarters for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Director Kim Hyun-soo, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, hereinafter Jungsu-bon) announced that highly pathogenic avian influenza was confirmed (4th) on November 16 (Tuesday) at the Yuk-yong duck farm (about 12,000) in Eumseong, Chungbuk.

* (Status of Occurrence of Breeding Farms) (1st) Eumseong Quail (11.8), (2nd) Eumseong Meat Duck (11.9), (3rd) Naju Meat Duck (11.13)

○ The farm is a mill within 3 km of the Eumseong Quail Farm (11.8 occurrence), and the Central Water Center has shortened the inspection cycle for poultry in order to quickly detect infected objects*, and this confirmation was also found during the regular inspection process of the shortened mill farm.

* (All Poultry) Pre-shipment Inspection (Newly Inserted) of Slaughterhouses, (Meat Ducks) Pre-Breeding 2 → 3-4, (Foal Duck Fowl) Once a month → once every two weeks, (3km farm of Bango-ro) once every three weeks → every five days

· The Central Disaster and Safety Headquarters is carrying out enhanced preventive measures such as preventive killing of farms that have occurred, control of access to farms, and intensive disinfection.

○ In order to prevent the virus from spreading between farms through people, vehicles, etc., administrative orders such as a ban on access to livestock vehicles and workers' migratory bird sanctuary, disinfection of livestock vehicles' base sterilization facilities, restriction on movement of excrement vehicles, and a ban on the distribution of live poultry in traditional markets were issued.

- The movement of livestock vehicles in restricted areas is checked at all times using GPS, and non-registered GPS vehicles are also checked.

· The Central Investigation Headquarters emphasized, "As the inflow of migratory birds increases in Korea, it is a dangerous situation nationwide, not only in poultry-producing areas (Chungbuk and Jeonnam) and areas where high pathogenic antigens have been detected in wild birds (Jeonbuk and Chungnam)."

○"At the entrance of the farm, since the U-shaped disinfection facility is less effective during the winter season, please conduct the second phase of disinfection with high-pressure sprayers on the vehicles entering the cattle shed.

- "It is safe to close the back door of the farm and the back door of the barn to block the spread of the pollutants," he explained.

○ In addition, it was requested that "the quarantine authorities immediately report any abnormalities such as death and decrease in the scattering rate in the breeding poultry".

While avian flu is on the ascendent across much of Europe and Asia, in China - which has reported a record number of human H5N6 infections in 2021 (see CDC Monitoring HPAI H5N6 In China) - their Ministry of Agriculture hasn't publicly reported an avian flu outbreak in poultry, or in wild birds, in months.